Paint Protection

IMG_20151211_114636Paint Protection is an incredible way to protect your car from the wears of the road while your car’s paint job is sealed tight behind our industry standard, clear protective layer. Chips, nicks, gashes and slashes can take years off the look of a car but Paint Protection keeps it looking the same way it did when you first brought it home.

3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series-

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series is the latest addition to the 3M Paint protection film portfolio. This tough, durable, virtually invisible, maintenance-free urethane film uses our most advanced technology to protect the finish on your vehicle and keep it looking newer longer. – Read More

XPEL Protection Film-

XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clarity not previously available in the market. With its very low surface energy, XPEL ULTIMATE sheds contaminants that would otherwise stain or yellow conventional films. In addition, the clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything. – Read More

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